Complaints & Refund Policy

At The Great British Cheese Company, we aim to provide top-quality products and service. If you have any issues, here’s how we handle them:

Report Problems Quickly

Let us know about any defects or damage upon receipt of delivery. We can’t refund goods that have perished or are damaged if you do not notify us after 24 hours of delivery.

Keep Perishables Refrigerated

Items like cheese truckles need to be kept in the fridge. We’re not responsible for storing goods correctly after receipt of delivery; so please check everything upon arrival.

Damaged or Faulty Items

If something arrives damaged or faulty, email us photos at We will happily refund any faulty products; if you inform us 12 hours after receipt.

Quick Responses: We will reply to all contact form inquiries within 1-5 working days.

Your satisfaction is important to us. Thank you for your cooperation!