About Us

At The Great British Cheese Company, we pride ourselves on crafting quality, artisan cheeses that can be appreciated by everyone. Our goal is to make our name synonymous with award-winning excellence.

We aim to revive the tantalizing flavours and textures that made us fall in love with cheese as children, bringing back the joy of cheese on toast and other cherished memories. In a world where mass-produced, bland products have become the norm, our passion is to offer something truly special. We have partnered with a Master Cheesemaker whose skills have been passed down through generations since 1875. His expertise and commitment to quality, coupled with his role as a judge at the International Cheese Awards, ensure that our cheeses are nothing short of exceptional.

Cheese is more than just an ingredient; it should be the star of any dish, board, or plate. This philosophy drives us to continually strive for excellence and to become the multi-award-winning company you trust and love.

We are dedicated not only to the quality of our products but also to the service we provide to our customers. Unlike other companies, we do not require memberships; if you love cheese, you are already part of our community. We are committed to resolving any issues swiftly and effectively. Should you need assistance, please contact us at support@gbcheese.co.uk